Static Guard and Patrol Services
Our staff are trained and experienced in patrolling businesses and residential areas to deter criminal behavior and to apprehend shop lifters.

Asset and Guest Protection
Our staff can be used to provide bodyguard services to celebrities and for the protection of valuable assets.

Crowd Control
For special events, our staff are available to prevent the outbreak of disorder and prevent possible rioting.

We can provide round the clock domestic and corporate surveillance of premises and individuals.

Office Lockup
We provide office lockup services to provide peace of mind that your business assets are fully protected when your employees leave. Our staff will ensure that your premises are vacated, unnecessary lights and machines turned off, alarms enabled and all access points secured.

Security Assessments
Our trained personnel can perform non-invasive assessments of your current security level of both business and residential properties providing you with a report advising you of any vunerabilities along with recommendations.

Tactical Training
Jaguar Security Inc. is owned and operated by a state certified trainer for armed/unarmed guards. Training programs can be customised and are available for handcuff, pepper spray and weapons use.